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The first time I saw a pair of Robeez soft soled shoes when I was given them as a gift at my baby shower, I think my mouth probably gaped open and I looked like a deer in headlights. I had never seen soft soled shoes before (apparently I live under some kind of rock), and had no idea how much I would absolutely love them for my son when he started walking. I also had no idea that -
Not all shoes are created equal
In terms of being beneficial for your child’s growing feet. You know this parenting thing, it’s all a big game of learning! So let’s do it together, shall we? I don’t judge. Read on for some things to think about when choosing quality shoes for your little bug a boo.
Casp Baby Kids Shoes, Children's Shoes, Vero Beach, Fl
Babies and children need to feel the ground they are walking on in order to learn how to walk properly. Walking barefoot is actually the best option for babies (can’t wait to tell my hubby this since he always teases me about letting my kids live barefoot!), but soft soled flexible shoes are the next best option.
Soft, bendable soles help babies develop strong ankles and foot bones, which have some effect on their spinal column and pelvic growth.
This is true all throughout life, so keep flexibility in mind when shoe shopping for toddlers and school aged kids as well.
A soft soled shoe should be made from breathable material like suede, leather, mesh or sheepskin. You should also be able to bend the shoe up without a struggle. Try it next time you’re choosing “quality” shoes from (insert generic shoe store here). You might be surprised! The shoes should also have a rubber sole for traction to prevent slipping or sliding.
This one’s a no brainer. Of course we want to protect our children’s feet from bugs, rocks, splinters, etc! I mean who wants to deal with bee stings?? Not me! And certainly not my little ones. Choosing shoes made with quality materials will ensure the best protection from life’s little hazards.
This one’s a biggie! If you have school-aged kids, you know the struggle is real. You put their fresh, brandy new shoes on the first day of school that were FINE in the store and 5 minutes later they’re wailing about their toes hurting. Been there, fought that battle (and lost since those shoes still haven’t been worn to this day). Or what about this one:
If you have ever tried to put shoes on a new walking toddler, you know the struggle of the “floppy ankle.”
Trying to put firm ankled shoes on a toddler is a joke, which is one reason I personally LOVE soft soled shoes, because they have an elastic opening! Easy slip-on, no slip-off! Uncomfortable shoes are frustrating for your child (and YOU) so buy them something they won’t want to take off instead!
Casp Baby Vero Beach Kid's Shoes, Children's Shoes
Of course we’d be crazy to talk about the qualities of a good shoe and then not sell them in our own shop, right? At CASP Baby Mommy & Me Boutique, you’ll have a large selection of top quality shoes for your little ones (select availability online). Some of the brands offered are:
Pedi Ped- Award winning! Known for being the only shoes children will wear among other choices. Made with premium grade, non-toxic materials.
Livie & Luca- Light weight, flexible, and lots of wiggle room (roomy toe boxes for wiggly little toes).
Robeez- These are the soft soled shoes I was talking about earlier. They promote good balance, are made with quality materials, and have an easy slip-on, no slip-off elastic ankle. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
Mally Mocs- Similar to Robeez but hand made in Canada with up to the minute trendy moccasin styles for girls and boys.
Primigi- A high quality Italian shoe that is stylish and durable.
See Kai Run- Fun, fashionable shoes that are designed to promote healthy foot development.
Sun San Saltwater Shoes- fine leather sandals that are durable! These gems can get wet in rain or at the beach with little wear.
Cienta Shoes- Fine cotton, wool, linen and rubber are used to guarantee freshness and comfort all-year-round. Each pair of shoes also features scented, moisture-wicking footbeds that keep feet smelling sweet and feeling great.
(SAY WHAT? Yea go ahead and read that one again- scented insoles!!! My son needs these with his little stink feet..)
Some other shoes we carry that deserve honorable mention are:
Native Shoes, Joy Folie (gorgeous and stylish), Steve Madden Shoes, Havaianas (everyone’s favorite sandals), Baby Deer and Mae Li Rose.
Alright mommies, if you learned something today from our blog, please copy and share the link above to help educate YOUR friends on why they should be buying quality shoes for their kiddos too! We love having new readers!

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