Carol Lynn Pearson "I'll Walk with You" Book

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Created first as a song, the book’s lyrical verses affirm the love and acceptance of people of all ages, races, religions, orientations, and social standings. At a glance, it seems as though the world is judging, but turn the page to find out how love is shown through simple acts of kindness. Multicolored figures and faces comprised of geometric shapes and bold colors convey the emotionally charged promise that you never have to be alone. (Pallas Gates McCorquodale Foreword Reviews 2020-02-01)

I think this book is about kindness to strangers and to your family and to everyone who is different from you. (Ava, Age 6 Foreword Reviews 2020-04-24)

I like how everyone is having fun. The sad people get happy because someone wants to play with them. (Neve, Age 5 Foreword Reviews 2020-04-24)

I absolutely love the interaction between the text and artwork by Jane Sanders. Each verse is accompanied by what at first appears to be discrimination or disregard but is actually a show of love. My favorite is the uppity shopkeeper who is rushing towards a shabby woman who has entered her boutique. It seems like she is rushing to shoo the woman out, but she was just in a hurry to cuddle the baby hidden just out of sight. 

Book, Books, Gibbs-Smith Publishing.

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