Dillon Joy Pajama Set - Dreaming in Pink

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Size: 5

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For your family, friends, neighbor, Susie at the grocery store, Jim the mail man, gifts for teachers, nannies, etc.. We bring to you serious comfort!


Fictitious story, true ending: We scoured the earth in search of the perfect fabrics. We bartered in India with our last pair of socks. We worked in a South African kitchen to pay for a ticket back home after a sideways deal left us penniless. Finally, in a forest in China, we found two things: a Yeti sure, but more important, the bamboo tree. We knew that moment we had a winner. Bamboo itself proved a little rough (have you tried wearing a tree?), but Bamboo viscose was perfect. Bamboo viscose is hypoallergenic, uses no pesticides, and the Bamboo tree can grow up to an inch every 40 minutes (crazy, right?). The water use and land needed is also a fraction of the all too common cotton. Bamboo is temperature regulating as well which makes it great for all Seasons, cold & warm. 

Feel the difference and treat yo' self.

Girls, Sleepwear, Pajamas, PJ Set, PJ's, Floral, Flower, Dillon Joy.

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